Welcome to Living Twentyish! I am so excited you’re here! My name is Mykala and I have put a lot of time and thought into this brand and am thrilled to have finally launched. My hope for Living Twentyish is to enlighten woman in their twenties, just like me to understand that they are never alone (not to exclude those in their teens or older, because we all go through these experiences at different times)! This crazy decade going from 20 to 29 is a growing age. So many big moments in our lives can occur during this time; we go from babies out of high school to full-grown adults with careers, husbands, and some becoming moms. I invite you to continue to visit me here. You can read and listen as I discuss with featured guests; lifestyle topics that we are going through and have gone through, to shed some light to others who may be going through similar experiences now. I ask that you reach out and engage with me as you have questions or comments, or even a topic you would like thoughts on. I am here for you and can’t stress enough that I can relate!

I have many experiences of different circumstances from broken hearts to jobs changes, depression, emotional battles, feelings the lows of low, and our highest of highs when I first met my baby girl. This is a stretch for me, but I plan to be the most open and honest as I can be for you all. We all could use a little more honesty. Throughout this journey, I can only hope to encourage others who may be struggling, find joy and laughter in the comical moments of this decade, and create friendships. Thank you again for visiting my page; I invite you to follow my blog, Podcast (Living Twentyish) and Instagram page (Living_Twentyish) for updates, announcements, and more exciting news as it grows. Looking forward to embarking on something new with you!

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Episode 8: Infertility, Adoption, and the desire to be a Mom with Raquel Goossens

Most of us grow up with the expectation and dream of meeting the love of our life, getting married, and becoming a parent. It’s supposed to be that easy right? Boom, boom, boom. Then life actually happens and it throws us curve balls. Sometimes the plans don’t happen in the order we want, or sometimes … Continue reading Episode 8: Infertility, Adoption, and the desire to be a Mom with Raquel Goossens

Dating, Breakups, and “Breaks” with Ryan Snyder

Let’s be honest we do a lot of dating in our twenties. Whether we are coming off of that first “puppy love” relationship from high school, or our first serious relationship that has real potential, or maybe just casual dating from blind dates to one night stands as we discover what we like and what … Continue reading Dating, Breakups, and “Breaks” with Ryan Snyder

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