Yet Another Year

Here we go again. The ending of another year, as we stress our way through the holidays. Maybe your stressed because you’re single with all those holiday parties to attend alone, or you’re married and trying to wrangle the kids, plan around nap times and figure out what families you are going to see. Or could it be because you are in a frantic search for the perfect present for what seems like a million people. Whatever it may be, Christmas will come and for just a moment life stands still. Christmas may not be your favorite holiday, but you can’t tell me it doesn’t get you a little giddy to see the lights, music, sweets, and family that melts your heart just a touch.

Now we have the New Year to push through. Already, people are planning their New Years’ Resolutions. Thinking about their dreams and writing down their goals for the upcoming year. We would be lying if we hadn’t thought about these ourselves; lose some weight, focus on working out more frequently, get up an hour before work, rather than rolling out of bed. We’re not downplaying these goals or those who make New Years’ Resolutions, we think writing these down and making a decision to stick to them the first of the year is an excellent idea. However, can we for a moment reflect on 2018.

What resolutions did you set for this year? Did you accomplish any of them? Maybe you did and maybe you didn’t. We know we didn’t do everything we had planned or set out to do this year. BUT… We’re not trying to point out your “failures” for not accomplishing those. Instead, let’s talk about what you did accomplish in 2018, whether it was on your resolution list or not.

Personally, for me (Mykala), I had a baby! For real, I think that is a huge accomplishment. This precious babe came out of me and I was in an extreme amount of pain to the point of “How the hell am I going to finish this?” moment, but I did it. And everyday since, I am a mom; a mom who is able to get myself out of bed at 3:00 am to be with her when she cries, and rock her to sleep. I feed her, change her diapers, and give her baths. Together, with my husband, we take care of her on a daily basis and that is amazing.

On top of giving birth, which is a big freaking deal, I had a healthy pregnancy. Zero complications, minus a bit of morning sickness that first trimester, I consider myself extremely blessed. I lost the baby weight that I honestly didn’t think would be possible. I remember being 8 months pregnant, staring at my thighs in awe thinking, these must belong to a hippo or something. Honestly, I don’t even recognize this body of mine anymore. But guess what! I accomplished that. I would like to continue the weight loss journey, but that’s what 2019 is for right?

As for me (Margaret), 2018 had its’ ups, downs, challenges, and changes like most years do. It was still filled with so many memories and blessings. This past year we were blessed to have some very gracious friends allow us to move in with them while we looked for a house. Talk about a challenge in itself, right? Who in their right mind (who already have a dog, planning a wedding, and becoming their own little family themselves, by the way), would want two more adults and a baby living with them. On top of the extra people, we also took up over half their storage and room space. Talk about a way to start your first year of marriage, am I right? Especially since some of us know your first year of marriage isn’t the easiest. Most days, I go back in my head and think why they agreed to this, but we will be forever grateful for them and someday hope we can return the favor.

Other than moving, I accepted a new job working third shift from home and being home with Kinsley. With that said, I’ve managed to maintain somewhat sane with having an average of 3 hours of sleep working full time at night and staying at home during the day. All the while keeping up with the cleaning and laundry, shopping, the bills getting paid, etc. However, among-st moving, job changes, opposite schedules, lots of stress; my biggest accomplishment was having the happiest little girl in the world who transitioned through everything flawlessly; our chunky, growing, healthy toddler, whom we love. To end our year, we are making another change and moving again as we have bought our first home!

In the past I have set new years resolutions for myself like working out, eating healthier, or whatever it was, but as the years go by I try to just reflect on each year with what has happened to me personally, spiritually, and mentally. Along with my relationships with family, friends, and my marriage. Yes, I of course have goals or things I would like to accomplish throughout the year, but I don’t like putting those pressures on myself at the beginning of each new year because most times I (and a lot of other people) don’t follow through with them. Instead the goals I set for myself I give a “deadline” that I hope to accomplish by then to help motivate me.

We’re taking every little bit of success we had in 2018 big or small and celebrating it today. Now, we ask you to do the same. Take a second to think about it and write it down somewhere. If you started a new job, that’s an accomplishment, if you’re in college and just finished a semester, that’s an accomplishment. If you are a mom of three and got all the kids ready, lunches made, and managed to get jeans on yourself to get them to school on time. Girl, you are accomplished!

So before you dive into the new year, reflect on 2018, close this chapter on the right foot and let’s get ready for an even better year. You all have succeeded in areas in more ways than one and we are proud of you. Cheers to 2019!

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