Episode 3: Accepting the Unexpected with Gabe Kik


Finally my first guest! This woman is very close to my heart, I’ve known since I was born… literally. Catch up with my sister and me; as she shares some hardships and unexpected turns in her twenties. How she overcame them, accepted them, and learned from them. The way she entered her twenties was much different than how she exited them. I think we could all relate and learn from her experiences as well.

2 thoughts on “Episode 3: Accepting the Unexpected with Gabe Kik

  1. I just finished listening to episode 3. I hung on every word you spoke Gabe! I am amazed at how well Mykala was able to draw you out, I know how difficult it was to share something so close to your heart. I felt my heart swell with grief again, I hurt when my kids hurt, but we have this hope and belief you will see this baby on the other side of this world. God is good!! So proud of my girls! ❤ Keep up the awesome work Mykala!!

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    1. Thanks Mom, so glad you listened. It is hard to recap the tough times as those feelings are so raw. This is what Living Twentyish is all about, relating to each other and finding that courage to move forward. God is good.


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