Living Through the Rush


You know when you go through a drive through and you get up to that window waiting patiently… well as patiently as you can, because we all know you chose the drive-through for quickness and most importantly the ease of not having to get out of your car! However, now you are stuck waiting for that window to open with your money/card in your hand ready to go. All the while you are trying hard not to stare directly into the window in case you make direct eye contact with one of the workers who clearly love the opportunity to serve your eager self.

Finally, the window opens as a breeze of coffee or fast food smells spill into your car. You reach your hand out to pay and suddenly, they switch into this speed mode and are reaching back out to you with your change/card, your drink, and your food all at one time! Now you are the one they are waiting on as you frantically rush your money back into your wallet. While you see the window attendant in the corner of your eye, holding out your items for you to grab. You feel the pressure of their rolling eyes and fumble everything back into your purse that you now decide to chuck across the passenger seat, because gosh darn it, you just don’t have time to put it back in an organized way. You can feel their annoyance growing as they are still holding out your food.

Quickly you grab it, they give a halfhearted smile and say, “have a nice day!” Again, you are in a hurry to find a safe place for your food/drink, so you can throw your car into gear and get out of everyone’s way in the drive-through.

Am I right? Does any of this ring a bell for you?

And just when you think you’re in the clear you have to tackle eating and drinking in the car while driving to your destination that I am betting you are already late for…

Maybe I’m the only one here, but I have a strong feeling I’m not. This is exactly how life goes these days. Whether you are in college and trying to tackle going to class and your days you have work or maybe you have days that you do both. All the while, you still find time to do everyday items on your list like grocery shop, clean your apartment, and maybe try to hit the gym? Or maybe you’re a working mom who brings her kids to school, make them cookies for a bake sale and manage your workload on top of an already full schedule. I mean your two kids have to be involved in every after-school activity right? Heck, being a stay at home mom who balances the kids’ schedules, activities, homework projects, grocery shop, clean the house, the piles of laundry, and finding time for yourself and your husband, so you can keep your sanity… I think we can all agree whatever life you are living right now; single, married, and/or kids our lives are busy! And we thank drive-throughs’ for the convenience of allowing us to sit there and get our fix of food or caffeine, however, excuse me if I take my time putting my wallet and purse back together before I grab my coffee. I need that extra couple of minutes because if I don’t I know myself and I will misplace my credit card in the process which will become a much bigger issue for me later in the day.

Anyways, how do we live through this rush? How do you we all continue this day to day grind of constantly feeling behind? That no matter how fast we move or how quickly we accomplish things our work is never done, there will be no such thing of catching up. Because just when you think you have, something else comes up!

Now I don’t have the answers, unfortunately, I wish I could tell you some 3-quick step guide to accomplishing it all and relax with a peppermint mocha in your pajamas. What I can tell you is find time in every day to enjoy yourself. I get that seems too simple, but it’s what we all need, or our busy lives will get the best of us and we will never learn how to sit and enjoy. So, whether reading a book, watching a show on Netflix, or catching up on the latest Bachelor show, or heck baking cookies, do it! And most importantly do it GUILT FREE! Sure, you could do be doing laundry instead of sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn watching television, but girl you already accomplished enough in your day. Save the laundry for tomorrow and enjoy just this moment with no regrets. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told myself I will just relax tonight and blow off the cleaning I needed to do only to punish myself the next morning with negative thoughts. “If only I did this yesterday instead of wasting my free time”. You cannot do that to yourself. Celebrate the big and small accomplishments throughout your day and give yourself a break! You deserve it… We all do. It’s for our sanity and to allow us to enjoy this life instead of watching it flash before us as it quickly does.

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