Episode 8: Infertility, Adoption, and the desire to be a Mom with Raquel Goossens


Most of us grow up with the expectation and dream of meeting the love of our life, getting married, and becoming a parent. It’s supposed to be that easy right? Boom, boom, boom. Then life actually happens and it throws us curve balls. Sometimes the plans don’t happen in the order we want, or sometimes those big moments seem unattainable. For Raquel Goossens, one of her deepest desires was to become a mom. Something that should be so natural became one of the biggest struggles in her life. Listen as she shares her heart through the difficulties of facing infertility through failed attempts of IVF and entering what’s known as the long road of adoption. Together, with her husband, they put their trust and faith in God and grew a beautiful family. It was a period filled with heartache, but it brought them here… with another baby on the way! I hope her story encourages you to stay positive through the challenges and continue on.

5 thoughts on “Episode 8: Infertility, Adoption, and the desire to be a Mom with Raquel Goossens

  1. SO happy I finally got to catch an episode and a pretty incredible one at that❤️ Didn’t plan on getting emotional but I’m not sure how you could hear this story and not be. Love you! Can’t wait to catch the next one!

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  2. I can’t believe I listened to this whole podcast, but it was so compelling and brought tears to my eyes. I know Jon and Raquel, so I had heard their story before from my son, but to hear Raquel tell it and fill in the blanks I hadn’t heard before, left me teary-eyed and so happy that things turned out so well and they were on the way to having the family they had dreamed of. Wonderful, uplifting story.

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