Mykala Esgoohe

Well here it is, our twenties, the best days of our lives right? We are allowed to make mistakes, try new things, and learn from each experience as we continue to grow and learn. Here I am hoping to someday reach a destination that I like. While I write this, I have not yet reached that destination and I am beginning to wonder if I ever will. That’s the truth about life. It’s hard. It’s unpredictable. And it never goes as planned. Our 20’s are a big decade; I feel they set the tone for where we will be for our 30’s and 40’s. I just turned 28 and felt myself emotionally holding on to every last second before the clock struck midnight the night before. 28! How did I get here? How did it happen so fast? What am I doing with my life? Do you feel me? Life continues on and so does our age. I’ll adjust as I do after every birthday. Anyways, I’m on the tail end of this decade and I’ve already experienced so much. I’ve been happy, sad, frustrated, angry, and unbelievably happy. I’ve been loved and wedded and had a few “why am I married” moments.  I love that man. I have a beautiful baby girl, who I force to be my best friend because I’m obsessed with her.  I wanted to start this platform for girls like me, going through this decade and every day wondering how did I get here. I can only hope to help open your eyes to more and know we are all the same deep down and going through the similar experiences in our lives… Allow us to explore our twenties together and maybe pass on a little insight on how to survive this season in our lives. Always remember to laugh at yourself, ask lots of questions, take risks, and never worry about looking stupid.