Episode 15: Life is Never How You Plan it with Leann Podskalan


I think there are many of us who in our young naive years had expected we would grow up, get our dream jobs, marry the person of our dreams, and start having babies. All of course by the age of 22 or so. Much like myself, Leann had expected life to go in the direction she had planned. Unfortunately, that’s not realistic, and Leann learned quickly that life isn’t always perfect or fair. From her career changes and adjustments that ultimately brought her to and through nursing school to living in a different state than her husband. It’s clear to say she’s learned how to alter plans and keep moving forward. Listen as she shares her journey through different jobs, nursing school, and as she opens up about the challenges of living in a different state than her husband. How they made it through that challenging time.  Leann is a joy to be around and I am blessed to have a friend like her. Hope you all enjoy!

Episode 7: Dating, Breakups, and “Breaks” with Ryan Snyder


Let’s be honest we do a lot of dating in our twenties. Whether we are coming off of that first “puppy love” relationship from high school, or our first serious relationship that has real potential, or maybe just casual dating from blind dates to one night stands as we discover what we like and what we don’t like. Regardless, dating plays a big role in this decade for most. Joining me for today’s episode is my husband. Yes, he actually agreed to be a guest, which I was thrilled about! We talk about our 4-year “on and off” dating relationship through its’ ups and downs. He opens up about the hard times, but also how we came to the place of him putting a ring on it and changing my life forever! Dating can be stressful, but the outcomes can be oh so worth it. Hope you all enjoy!

Episode 6: Enduring the Young, Single Mom Life and Growing up Fast with Ashleigh Burgess


Not much tops a life-changing event than becoming a mom, let alone becoming a mom when you still feel like a kid yourself. Ashleigh Burgess is one of my oldest friends from elementary school. She’s truly one of the strongest and most hard working ladies I know. Going from a 19-year old single mom and working full time to the amazing woman she is today. She’s my most brutally honest friend and I think we all can appreciate friends like that! Listen as she shares her heart through some of the most challenging times in her life. How she adjusted to motherhood and dating as a single mom. I couldn’t be more proud to call her my friend.

Episode 5: Friendships, College, and Divorced Parents with Court Toliver


I’m telling you, get yourself a best friend like mine! This girl has been there through my ups and downs and has always been so supportive. We chat all the time, but I was thrilled to have her on the podcast. She talks about friendships and how some relationships can go through stages, but it’s all about “Quality over Quantity”. She opens up about her struggle with college and careers and how it’s not always for everyone. Lastly, she opens up about the heartache she felt from her parents divorcing in her early twenties and how it played a role in her own opinion on marriage. Click the link below to listen, I hope you all enjoy!

Episode 4: College, Careers, and Chronic Hiccups with Jennette Stevenson


Catching up with an elementary friend, who we were reconnected through the wonderful world of social media (see good things can come out of the double-tap!) We were able to chat and unravel the twists and turns her twenties brought her. From college degrees to the career changes all the way to dating, engagement, and of course the busy mom life. Meet Jennette Stevenson, her story, and of course all of the cute boys in her life!