Episode 10: Mother’s Day with My Amazing Mom


I’m posting a day earlier than usual, but it’s just too fitting to miss out. I know you are all busy with your own Mother’s Day plans, but when you have a chance I promise you this episode is worth the listen! My mom shares her incredible story of how she entered her twenties. I already knew my mom was the strongest women I know, but after learning even more about her struggle I am more captivated and astonished. She had to escape a cult and run away to a new town with nothing but the clothes on her back. She begged for a job and a place to sleep, which gives me anxiety just thinking about. But SHE DID IT! She started a new life for herself with her faith in God that directed her paths and kept her safe when all the odds were against her. It amazes me all that she has gone through and raised us 6 kids with my dad in a loving and supportive home that I will cherish forever. I can only hope and pray I set that same example for my daughter and provide all the love and support I have had my entire life for her. Happy Mother’s Day, mom, you are truly an amazing and wonderful Mom, Mimi, and friend to us all. We love you!

Episode 7: Dating, Breakups, and “Breaks” with Ryan Snyder


Let’s be honest we do a lot of dating in our twenties. Whether we are coming off of that first “puppy love” relationship from high school, or our first serious relationship that has real potential, or maybe just casual dating from blind dates to one night stands as we discover what we like and what we don’t like. Regardless, dating plays a big role in this decade for most. Joining me for today’s episode is my husband. Yes, he actually agreed to be a guest, which I was thrilled about! We talk about our 4-year “on and off” dating relationship through its’ ups and downs. He opens up about the hard times, but also how we came to the place of him putting a ring on it and changing my life forever! Dating can be stressful, but the outcomes can be oh so worth it. Hope you all enjoy!

Episode 4: College, Careers, and Chronic Hiccups with Jennette Stevenson


Catching up with an elementary friend, who we were reconnected through the wonderful world of social media (see good things can come out of the double-tap!) We were able to chat and unravel the twists and turns her twenties brought her. From college degrees to the career changes all the way to dating, engagement, and of course the busy mom life. Meet Jennette Stevenson, her story, and of course all of the cute boys in her life!

Why Living Twentyish

It’s best described as “Twentyish”. “Twentyish” the made-up word alone seems confused with itself as it writes. We’ve literally found ourselves staring at its foreignness and found it felt completely lost, but comfortable at the same time as that’s exactly how our 20’s feel. It’s a strange decade that we’ve entered, yet we fit in at times and well… at other moments we feel the “ish”. The twenties are a period that starts out so young and matures greatly through its course, not saying we come out of here perfect, but we leave less nervous, unsettled, crazy, and probably for most a little soberer…

For most, we start in college, turn 21, and make fools out of our drunken selves. Then we attempt getting jobs or as we are supposed to call them “careers”, which we had no idea we had to call them that as we accepted the first thing we were offered out of college. I (Mykala) still have no indication of what my professional “career” is and I’ve been in it for several years. We spend a great deal of this time dating and breaking up, and then slipping up, and then dating more. Some may get engaged and think of that ring as our “I finally made it!” sign, while others feel the freedom of nothing on that little finger as a means of success and independence. Marriage may come and for others, marriage may go. As hard as divorce is to fathom, it happens. Unfortunately, we’ve seen it more than you know in our young age; the young couple in their 20’s, engaged and happy and two years later, if that, and it ends with a nice crash, burn, and a blank page. Then there are kids, yes, kids at this age. I know, not everyone who has kids in their 20’s planned on having them, but their existence came and you’re a mom, in your 20’s whether that’s 20 years old and 2 days or 29 years old and 364 days, it’s still our 20’s and that kids’ life is in your hands!

These are the years we feel will set the tone to where we will be for our 30’s and 40’s. I (Mykala) am currently 28, Margaret who is 27, both on the tail end of this decade and we’ve already experienced so much. We’ve been happy, sad, frustrated, angry, unbelievable happy, we’ve been loved and wedded, and fought with our husbands. We started this blog for women like us, going through this decade and every day wondering how did I get here. Allow this blog to open your eyes to more and know we are all the same deep down and going through similar times… Allow us to explore our twenties together and maybe pass on a little insight on how to survive this time in our lives. Always remember to laugh at yourself, don’t be afraid to ask questions, think before you act, and be sure to take advantage of the life we have.