Episode 16: Summer Update

Hey Friends! Wanted to give a quick summer update, we’ve been so busy this summer just trying to soak up every minute we can. We’ve had lots to celebrate with birthdays, baby showers, new babies, and weddings, we even had to say some hard goodbyes. Life seems to be moving so quickly these days, it’s so nice to have a day to slow down and just relax. My biggest hope for you all this summer is you are taking in every bit of sunshine and joy this season can bring and do your best to engage in every day to the fullest! Two things I forgot to include in today’s episode were follow-ups on my friends Emily Sexton and Leann Podskalan who both got the jobs they were waiting for! So proud of these girls and looking forward to seeing them embark on their careers!

Episode 6: Enduring the Young, Single Mom Life and Growing up Fast with Ashleigh Burgess


Not much tops a life-changing event than becoming a mom, let alone becoming a mom when you still feel like a kid yourself. Ashleigh Burgess is one of my oldest friends from elementary school. She’s truly one of the strongest and most hard working ladies I know. Going from a 19-year old single mom and working full time to the amazing woman she is today. She’s my most brutally honest friend and I think we all can appreciate friends like that! Listen as she shares her heart through some of the most challenging times in her life. How she adjusted to motherhood and dating as a single mom. I couldn’t be more proud to call her my friend.