Episode 10: Mother’s Day with My Amazing Mom


I’m posting a day earlier than usual, but it’s just too fitting to miss out. I know you are all busy with your own Mother’s Day plans, but when you have a chance I promise you this episode is worth the listen! My mom shares her incredible story of how she entered her twenties. I already knew my mom was the strongest women I know, but after learning even more about her struggle I am more captivated and astonished. She had to escape a cult and run away to a new town with nothing but the clothes on her back. She begged for a job and a place to sleep, which gives me anxiety just thinking about. But SHE DID IT! She started a new life for herself with her faith in God that directed her paths and kept her safe when all the odds were against her. It amazes me all that she has gone through and raised us 6 kids with my dad in a loving and supportive home that I will cherish forever. I can only hope and pray I set that same example for my daughter and provide all the love and support I have had my entire life for her. Happy Mother’s Day, mom, you are truly an amazing and wonderful Mom, Mimi, and friend to us all. We love you!

Episode 6: Enduring the Young, Single Mom Life and Growing up Fast with Ashleigh Burgess


Not much tops a life-changing event than becoming a mom, let alone becoming a mom when you still feel like a kid yourself. Ashleigh Burgess is one of my oldest friends from elementary school. She’s truly one of the strongest and most hard working ladies I know. Going from a 19-year old single mom and working full time to the amazing woman she is today. She’s my most brutally honest friend and I think we all can appreciate friends like that! Listen as she shares her heart through some of the most challenging times in her life. How she adjusted to motherhood and dating as a single mom. I couldn’t be more proud to call her my friend.